Meet Luke Bunting for Supervisor

Luke Bunting is running for supervisor to protect Conestoga township from the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

Luke Bunting is running for Supervisor to protect Conestoga Township from the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

Dear neighbor,

The pipeline is a big topic right now and will continue to be one for the next 4 years. If Williams Partners have their way, construction will begin in 2016 and continue into the following years. If they are stopped, there will be political attempts to push it through. During this time, I think it is important that at least one of the sitting supervisors is against the pipeline, for the people, and not part of the current administration. We have seen this administration ignore the Health, Safety and Welfare of the township in favor of ‘being neutral’ which seems to mean doing nothing. What’s worse is we have seen our leaders actively work to mislead and deny Conestoga a direct dialog on the topic. Regardless of whether the pipeline is stopped or not, I think it is important that at least one Supervisor will tell it like it is to the people and put their needs before his own legal or political interests. I feel I have demonstrated this commitment to our township in the public meetings I have organized on these issues over the past 14 months and my transparency is apparent to all who meet me. I promise to continue delivering the facts as they happen directly to the people. We have a right, not only to know what is being planned but, to have an active say in how it is accomplished.

I hope you will come and vote on the 19th and look forward to serving you and the township.

If you have any questions call me at (717) 629-0240     or email:

Thank You for this Opportunity,


Luke Bunting


The Home Rule Argument Simplified

It comes down to this:

If you want to accept the pipeline no questions asked with no input, resistance or negotiation; vote no on home rule. That is the current plan of the township.

If you want to see what options the committee can present to preserve Conestoga, vote yes on Home Rule Tuesday. You will get to participate in the process and ultimately vote on our options in November. You will also get to vote on other projects like the upcoming sewer line.

It’s that simple.



Fear as a tactic

My opponent uses four scare tactics in his attempt to block your vote to examine home rule. These problems are exactly what home rule is created to protect us from.


Higher taxes

Right now it only takes 3 supervisors to raise taxes. Our township depends almost entirely on property taxes. Under the current leadership, Conestoga cannot even pay full pension to its workers. With the pipeline decreasing property values things will only get worse. Home rule will look at a plan to protect us. In home rule municipalities taxes can not go up unless, for some reason, every citizen in Conestoga voted to do so. As opposed to the 3 supervisor system we have now.

Loss of Land rights
Right now my opponent and the supervisors are allowing Williams partners to take land from our residents against their will. That does not sound like protection. It is our land rights that are the very basis of our fight of the pipeline. With home rule we can stop these transgressions.

More Regulations
Home rule allows the people to vote directly on important issues. This creates less regulations and a smaller government process. If the pipeline comes through we are going to see a new era of local energy specific regulations and a big top-down corporate government.

Loss of Provided Services.
Under federal law public services are insured and funded. Our supervisors and our solicitor confirmed that provided services and their insurance cannot be lost through home rule. Currently the supervisors are unable to pay the full pensions of public Township workers. With proper leadership and community support we can ensure these essential services are properly funded.

In the end it is up to you. You must decide whether you want to accept the permanent affects of the pipeline for you and your future generations or whether you would like to look at our options first.

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. “