We are currently working with a non-profit legal firm, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), which specializes in protecting townships like ours, by creating a township Rights Based Ordinance (RBO). The Conestoga ordinance would become a law that states we want to remain a rural township, and we do not want unsustainable energy corporations to run their systems through our township at the expense of our residents. CELDF has helped over 160 communities nationwide pass versions of rights-based laws that prohibit corporate harms. To date, EVERY ONE OF THEM HAS STOPPED THE OFFENDING PROJECT.The township supervisors will need to sign and adopt the ordinance to make it official. By making this ordinance a law in Conestoga, we tell Williams (the pipeline company), and any future company, they cannot build their unsustainable energy systems through our township.   Documenting the community’s support is essential in legitimizing the supervisors’ actions. Signing a petition to support the Rights Based Ordinance indicates your support. We need signatures of over half the adult township residents.We are asking every Conestoga resident to understand the ordinance and the risks involved. Once you fully understand the risks and benefits involved, please sign the petition to show your support to the supervisors as we ask them to adopt the Community Rights Based Ordinance. Click here to download the Conestoga Township Ordinance.

Click here for a summary of the Township Ordinance in General Terms.