If you are on the route of the Transmission pipeline then you have already been contacted by Universal Services, the surveying company that is working with Williams on the project.

You should have already received a packet including an offer and a contract. The offer states an amount and the contract states a different amount (usually $3,500) that they will give you for irrevocable right of way to your land. You will notice there are no numbers in the contract and the offer is not mentioned in the contract. Since the pipeline may affect your insurance coverage and your ability to sell your house it is imperative that you work with a lawyer to understand what you are giving up for $3,500.

What you should do before you sign anything..

  1. Educate yourself
  2. Talk to a lawyer

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More information

Below are links that offer more insight into taking the offer vs. using eminent domain to your advantage.

FERC ‘s negative view of the use of eminent domain Pages 16 & 19
and why refusing surveyor permission is effective

Interactive Pipeline Hazard Zone Map
Find out where you are in the current proposed route. You can also show your neighbors they are in the “Hazard zone”

A Landowner’s Experience
The following is a Letter by Robert Lidsky who had land that was in the path of the “Constitution Pipeline” and shares his experience negotiating land rights with the pipeline company and surveyors.

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