What Is So Different About THIS Pipeline?
The pipeline being proposed is actually a Commercial Transmission Line and is not a distribution pipeline to serve customers directly. The gas being transported through the proposed Transmission Line is the product of hydro fracking in the Marcellus Shale area of Northern Pennsylvania. Williams already has existing lines in Lancaster County; instead of upgrading their existing lines, they want to create a shortcut, spanning our county, to their export terminal proposed for Cove Point, MD. Unlike Pipelines that serve the communities they are in the gas transported in this pipeline is slated for export to India and Japan, where they pay up to five times the price as America for natural gas. By shipping the gas overseas for a larger profit, our domestic gas prices will increase and become more in line with the global prices. From NPR’s “State Impact” website: “… exports would help producers by reducing domestic supply and increasing prices. And while there is no public good being served they are trying to take the land by eminent domain which can only be used for public necessity or convenience.

In short this pipeline is using Eminent domain to risk American lives and our country’s economy to sell our fuel overseas for big corporate profit.


Highlight of Concerns:

  • Safety: you are located in a Hazard Zone and Williams is not required to notify landowners of leaks. Williams has a questionable safety record and is currently being federally investigated for frequent accidents. According to State Impact, a reporting project of NPR, Williams paid the most in violation fines in 2013.
  • Home/Business ownership: Many impacted residents have noted that the pipeline may also impact homeowners’ and business owners’ insurance, as well as their ability to sell their homes or businesses in the future The proposed pipeline is a Commercial Transmission Line. Since it is a commercial line, it violates existing insurance and mortgage agreements for residential properties.
  • Historical/Archaeological impacts: Conestoga and Martic Township are considered the most historically significant areas in Pennsylvania for Native American history. The pipeline’s proposed route will destroy archaeological significant sites.
  • Environmental Damage: The actual construction process could have a significant impact on our precious well water, streams, and rivers. It will also destroy our preserved farmlands and forests.
  • Eminent Domain: Research has shown that this pipeline will not benefit our country, yet eminent domain could be utilized to take private property for corporate profit. Williams is not a public utility and should not be granted the privilege of taking our land for their use.

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